Lead effective business decisions and grow your brands’ performance.

Use fact based analytics to identify key value drivers to invest in the activities that make the difference.

How We’re Different
ACE’s 220 seasoned data scientists, developers and consultants come together to analyse annually over 20 Trillion data records and 1.5 Million products and evaluate more than 30 Million marketing activities and over 52 Billion USD in marketing investment.

3,000+ projects run every year
170+ clients from around the globe
31+ countries
ISO Certified 9001:2015
220+ highly qualified and experienced professionals
85% of them hold at least one MSc and/or PhD

Characteristics & Client Value

At the foundation is IRI’s proprietary Liquid Modeling™ platform, the industry’s most advanced machine learning platform that can run across multiple dimensions such as brand, customer, segment, geography, channel, store and time. Combined with the fact that ACE hosts Analytics, Innovation and Technology expertise under one roof clients can benefit on multiple levels:

ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH by merging any possible data source.

NO LIMITATIONS in analysing and evaluating billions of rows of data.

TARGETED AND ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS generated in seconds to improve business planning and performance.

DISRUPTIVE SOLUTIONS developed on demand and tailored to answer the most recent and emerging business challenges.

ON THE FLY LIMITLESS SCENARIO TESTING via intuitive and flexible online applications that give you the power to test and plan for the future, in near-real time and on any device.


GLOCAL: Analytics across multiple countries with the close collaboration and expertise of ACE and local consultants.

SCALABLE: Offering scalable analytics effortlessly across any number of products and geographies.

DEPENDABLE: ISO certified, confirming our commitment to deliver the same standard of quality every time no matter what.

THINK TANK: Analytics is more than one skillset. Bringing analytics, innovation and technology teams under one roof, sharing knowledge, best practices and creating ground-breaking innovations has never been faster or easier.

PARTNERSHIP: Long-standing relationships and open communication with our clients allows us to provide advice and breakthrough ideas to grow their business.


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95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.

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