Solve Out-of-Stocks

Solve Out-of-stocks

On-Shelf Availability: Fueling Profitability, Customer Loyalty and Topline Sales Growth

With shoppers more demanding and spreading their purchases across more retailers, including online, it’s more important than ever for brick-and-mortar retailers to ensure a flawless in-store experience.

However, out-of-stocks continue to be a challenge in CPG. In fact, consumers encounter at least one out- of-stock during one out of every five trips to a food, drug or mass merchandise store. Retailers lose sales and shopper loyalty, and often increase their expenses by using safety stock.

As a result, optimizing the supply chain has become a major focus for retailers. Those who are able to leverage near real-time data analysis and alerts can identify in-store execution issues that lead to out-of- stock situations – before they negatively impact the shopper experience.

Read IRI’s paper on how to improve on-shelf availability, allowing retailers to recapture tens of millions of dollars of otherwise lost sales annually.   

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