Ottimizzazione delle campagne on-line

A top food manufacturer wanted to measure the performance of a digital campaign for a new product launch that was aimed at increasing penetration and sales.


With IRI Lift™, the client was able to determine that its base campaign delivered a 20 percent sales lift and identified an opportunity to increase sales lift by an additional 40 percent.


The client wanted to identify specific mid-campaign adjustments to increase sales and penetration.


IRI Lift produced highly accurate and precise results, driven by IRI's best-in-class methodology and data assets. Results were available within weeks and continued weekly throughout the campaign.

By producing granular reads by publisher, the optimization engine identified a trend (poor performance for programmatic) early in the campaign.



The optimization engine reallocated impressions away from programmatic and other poor performers toward
top-performing publishers and measured the potential upside for the campaign.


With IRI Lift, the client measured the impact of its digital campaign as well as the potential impact of a mid-campaign publisher optimization.


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