International Leadership: Paul Hinds

Managing Director for Asia Pacific

Paul Hinds is the Managing Director for Asia Pacific at IRI. He joined the company five years ago to head up the UK retail business unit and became a member of the UK executive board. His passion and drive have transformed our engagement with retailers, implementing our “retail as a client” strategy to great effect and establishing new partnerships with Tesco, M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Costco, Lloyds and One Stop. This strategy includes the development of our largest Gateway function outside of the U.S., with over 200 CPG clients investing in our solutions, and the establishment of IRI UK as a major player in the manufacturer insights customer loyalty space, with our IRI Liquid Data® platform in place at M&S, Boots and Waitrose.

Paul’s ability to help retailers optimise the insights and value they gain from data to achieve tangible results, coupled with his background of more than 20 years’ experience in the data and insight industry, are all strong attributes that will help to deliver growth for our clients in the APAC (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and South Korea) region.

Prior to joining IRI, Paul performed leadership roles within commercial, consultancy and delivery functions where he consistently contributed to the success of his clients. He spent several years at Beyond Analysis, an insight consultancy, where he led a number of client engagements, including Visa Europe, Kingfisher Group, Waitrose, Penguin Books and JustGiving. He also spent seven years at dunnhumby, where he was responsible for insight and loyalty engagements for multiple clients, including Tesco, Shell, British Airways, Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone, Barclays Bank and BSkyB.