Luciano Giacalone
Client Service Team

Why did you choose IRI for your internship?

I studied business Management (curriculum marketing) at the Sapienza university of Rome and I chose the internship at IRI mainly for three reasons. The first one is that having studied Trade Marketing I was very interested about the FMCG industry and retail sector.

I also thought that working in a big company like IRI was the best choice to grow professionally. Finally, I liked the job role and responsibilities.

What knowledges and skills are you developing during this internship?

During this internship I have developed many skills, both hard and soft skills, and I have certainly enhanced my understanding of this business market. About hard skills, I have improved my skills on Microsoft Office and different tools used in IRI. About soft skills, I have developed the ability to work in a team, meeting deadlines and managing priorities.

Would you recommend an internship experience in IRI to your colleagues / friends?

I would highly recommend an internship experience in IRI to my friends because it gives you the opportunity to work in a collaborative workplace in which you can grow and develop. IRI is an innovative and high-tech company and it offers useful training courses. Furthermore, I think the future is bright for this company, because the understanding shopper’s behavior, through the big data and analytics, is the future of this economy.

Tell with an example / anecdote what characterized your internship experience.

On a Friday afternoon there were problems with the “ART” reports, we had to apply some changes on the removed products. So, on Saturday I decided to apply these changes not only for mine, but for all reports, so that they were ready by Monday. I just wanted to help my colleagues, but I made some changes wrong because I didn’t know some things. Although I was wrong, my colleagues appreciated the gesture.