Giada Scotti
Item Coding & Placement Team

Why did you choose IRI for your internship?

"The choice of IRI for my internship is closely linked to my educational background. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of speaking as many languages as possible. For that reason, I attended a linguistic high school. After graduating, I had another dream: to use foreign languages in a multinational Company. That is why I got a bachelor’s degree in “Languages for business” and I applied for the position of data analyst at IRI. I thought it might be a great opportunity to improve the language and gain initial experience in a multinational environment. And I was right!”

What knowledges and skills are you developing during this internship?

During my internship at IRI, I am having the opportunity of enhancing myself in every way, developing new knowledges and skills every day. In practical terms, I am learning to make better use of technology. For instance, I am improving the use of Excel and other programs used to analyze data. I am also getting better at handling stressful situations and solving problems without panicking. I am learning to manage my time better, planning before what I am assigned to do. I am improving my communication skills, and that allows me to wok not only alone but also in team.

Would you recommend an internship experience in IRI to your colleagues / friends?

I would totally recommend to all an internship at IRI. I am so glad that I have been chosen by this Company for my first work experience! The rich arrangement of technologies it offers gives the opportunity to improve your technological skills. And it always drives you to make better, guiding you through all the necessary steps to learn to do your job at best. Moreover, the business is growing worldwide, opening more and more job positions with special regard to young people, as opposed to a lot of companies that unfortunately exclude beginners requiring years of experience.

Tell with an example / anecdote what characterized your internship experience.

What most characterizes my internship at IRI is the fact that I never cease to learn! As an example, one day while I was coding the products belonging to the bakery group, such as breads, cookies, and desserts, the labels “herbal tea” and “infusion” caught my attention because I had always thought that they had the same meaning. Instead, I found out that herbal tea is used to alleviate health problems, while infusion is just drunk for its pleasant taste, but it does not have medicinal properties.