Elisabetta D’Italia
Item Coding & Placement Team

Why did you choose IRI for your internship?

As a former foreign language student, I decided to choose IRI because it is an important American company, so that I could learn new skills and use different systems, but also because I wanted to keep the knowledge of English alive, as it is my second language.

What knowledges and skills are you developing during this internship?

When I started my internship in September 2020, I attended a course about the basics of daily activities and programs such as Pangea, Mainframe, Plutra and many more others, thanks also to the global town halls and meetings organized by American colleagues.

The passage from theory to practical work wasn’t difficult and I learnt how to analyze different products regarding personal care and homeware.

Would you recommend an internship experience in IRI to your colleagues / friends?

I would definitely recommend an internship experience in IRI to anyone as the Company offers a complete educational program from the very first day of employment and also after the main courses, because each new interns will be provided a tutor, who is a senior employee that will support and help when needed.

Tell with an example / anecdote what characterized your internship experience.

I was assigned an activity of controlling the additives in products such as shampoos, hair conditioners and healing hair lotions. I learnt the names of additives after a research on the Internet and I didn’t have a complete knowledge of certain substances, for this reason I can say that after this new experience and with these new skills I will be a different consumer.