Beatrice Di Maio
Measurement Science Italy Team

Why did you choose IRI for your internship?

My university studies started with a three-year degree in marketing and communication, chosen by me to know specifically the market drivers, and then ended with a master's degree in statistics that I choose in order to be able to take possession of the analytical methods underlying the previously marketing drivers studied. When I found the internship on the University’s apprenticeship website, it instantly attracted me: what attracted me more were the role (linked to all the things I’ve studied), the importance given to the technology and IRI’s future perspective.

What knowledges and skills are you developing during this internship?

IRI is a company based on technology: here, I had the opportunity to improve my technical knowledge such as programming or Excel, also with the help of the IRI University, a learning platform provided by IRI. During this internship I even discovered the importance of the accuracy and teamworking and how they’re useful in order to reach the target goal.

Would you recommend an internship experience in IRI to your colleagues / friends?

I would highly recommend an internship at IRI.
I could summarize it with this sentence: mix of proactive people and excellence work. In fact, IRI tends to deliver growth not only outside, for its clients, but even inside, for its employees.
IRI gives to all the interns the opportunity to take part at the innovation and automatization process (big data and analytics) that is at the base of IRI core business.

Tell with an example / anecdote what characterized your internship experience.

One day, I was doing one of the tasks my team assigned to me: I’ve had to control some prices and understand if and why they’re wrong. After the analysis I understood that the prices were not wrong, but there was a promotion. That evening, after checking if the promotion was still active (unfortunately it wasn’t), I discovered one of my current favorite shop.