Custom E-Market Insights

Using IRI’s analysis of shoppers’ digital path to purchase, a client was able to improve its return on digital advertising spend by 18%.


A major food and beverage manufacturer was trying to optimize its digital ad spend and wanted to communicate with engaged shoppers right before they made category purchases online. The client also wanted to develop a customer-specific strategy, customizing its digital ad placement depending on the specific e-retailer shopper they were attempting to target.

The type of online campaign that the client wanted to implement required in-depth customer information, tracing a shopper’s path to purchase at the most granular level and producing enough data to understand which retailer sites had the most visits for the manufacturer’s targeted shoppers.


IRI developed a digital path-to-purchase analysis for the client, using clickstream data that identified specific websites that shoppers visited most often during the 24 hours prior to making a purchase.

A site visitation report provided share-of-visit metrics for 200 websites. It demonstrated that shoppers were visiting certain deal sites prior to making category purchases at one online retailer, whereas a search portal was prominent in the path for another e-retailer.


The client revised its digital strategy to account for the new path-to-purchase insights and was able to achieve an 18 percent improvement in its digital return on advertising spend.

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