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A UK based global food retailer needed to work more collaboratively with its suppliers in order to reach its growth and customer satisfaction targets.


IRI helped the retailer to utilise their key information sources, and share them with suppliers in a way that enabled them to identify growth opportunities and facilitate effective joint business planning.


Despite its reputation for having a strong focus on customer satisfaction, quality products and high levels of innovation, this retailer realised that it needed to achieve better collaboration with its suppliers in order to reach its ambitious growth targets.

IRI enabled the client to provide knowledge from its multiple internal databases to its suppliers through intuitive reports delivered via a live, online application.
It included a requirement to:
  • Centralize all of their point of sale data, for every individual store and product for the previous 3 years.
  • Develop an online reporting interface for suppliers that completely align with the requirements of the retailer’s various teams.
  • Provide the ability for suppliers to subscribe to the online reports and view only the information that is relevant to them.
Centralise and align information from multiple retailer databases
Provide secure subscription-based access to suppliers to their own categories
Enable ALL retailer users to easily access live information, any time through an intuitive online interface

The solution enabled the retailer to capitalise on it’s investment in data and to build effective supplier relationships to drive the core objectives of customer satisfaction and business growth.


Over 80% of the retailer’s top suppliers are subscribing to IRI Holistic Retail Solution and regularly engaging the retailer with regional assortment recommendations, supply chain improvements and promotional effectiveness feedback.
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