IRI at the World Retail Congress, 28-30 April, Rome Cavalieri Hotel (Italy)

abril 29, 2020

The Data & Technology Revolution: Think and Act Differently to Power Growth
This session co-presented by Conad and IRI, will provide strategies that retailers can develop and implement to grow their businesses, leveraging data supported by technologies. Through the Conad experience, you will learn how data can help reinvent the store, the primary media for a retailer, and deliver value to customers by understanding their needs to create impactful personalisation programmes.
Session on 29th April

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2020 IRI International Growth Summit - May 12-13 - London (UK)

mayo 12, 2020

Join us at the 2020 International Growth Summit to peer into the future of our industry and learn what you can do now to prepare, protect and grow your business in this rapidly changing consumer, media and retail landscape.

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