Fall Into More Sales With IRI Audiences

Target the right audiences with your campaigns and avoid wasting
valuable ad dollars on people who don't and won't buy.

It's time to start thinking about your fall campaigns. Since a past purchase is the best predictor of a future purchase in CPG, using verified audiences for your campaign targeting can ensure that you reach the right customers.

IRI's verified syndicated lifestyle segments help you deterministically target households that meet specific purchasing criteria around holidays and lifestyle themes.

Client Success Stories

Achieve better ROI on your fall campaigns by building them on
a foundation of known buyers:

Audience Definition Household Count
Back-to-School Shoppers Buyers of school/office supplies and lunch products (lunches-refrigerated, canned/bottled fruit, desserts-refrigerated, applesauce/fruit cups, pudding, etc.) in July, August and January (unique to 2020 due to the pandemic). 16,670,092
Halloween Shoppers Shoppers who over-index on spending across total candy in the weeks leading up to Halloween. 10,229,493
Halloween Family Bakers Halloween shoppers who also shop the baking aisle and have children in the house. 2,039,653
Adult Beverage Halloween Celebrators Halloween shoppers who also shop beer, wine and spirits. 2,337,607
Cold & Flu Preppers Shoppers who over-index on spending across cold/allergy/sinus products and cough syrup/drops during the November – January timeframe. 10,549,800
Thanksgiving Hosts Purchasers who over-index on spending across turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes/yams, stuffing, cranberry dressing, gravy, etc. in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving. 7,341,762

With COVID-19 still impacting consumers, IRI also has audience segments covering households who are focused on health and related areas:

Audience Definition Household Count
Health Boosters The top 70% of buyers of superfoods including kale, acai, kombucha, quinoa, goji, seaweed and chia seed. 2,443,277
Immunity Boosters Shoppers who buy Emergen-C, Airborne and other immunity-boosting supplements and beverages/smoothies. 5,622,782
Nutritionists The top 30% of buyers of vitamins/supplements and nutritional shakes/drinks. 5,520,969
Clean Freaks The top 30% of buyers of household cleaners, household cleaner cloths and hand sanitizer. 4,786,589

These and other segments are already available on the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. On there and other DMPs, check under "IRI Verified CPG Audiences."

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