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Target the right audiences with your campaigns and avoid wasting valuable ad dollars on people who don’t and won’t buy.

Your holiday, seasonal and early 2020 campaigns may be underway, but it's not too late to maximize your performance. Since a past purchase is the best predictor of a future purchase in CPG, using verified audiences for your campaign targeting can ensure that you reach the right customers.

IRI’s verified syndicated lifestyle segments help you deterministically target households that meet specific purchasing criteria around holidays and lifestyle themes.

Build your holiday campaigns on a foundation of known buyers:

Thanksgiving Hosts
Purchasers of turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes/yams, stuffing, cranberry dressing, gravy, etc. in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving (4.4 million households)
Holiday Bakers
Purchasers of baking supplies during the holidays (6.6 million households)
Holiday Hosts
Purchasers of ham, turkey, potatoes, candy, alcoholic beverages, etc. during the holidays (20.6 million households)

Reach seasonal buyers who meet specific criteria:

Cold and Flu Preppers
Purchasers of cold/allergy/sinus product and cough syrup/drops November-January (16.7 million households)
Sweet Tooths
Heavy purchasers of candy, cookies, frozen/refrigerated desserts, pastries, donuts, pies and cakes (12.9 million households)
CBD (cannabinoid) CPG buyers
Households who are highly likely to purchase CPG products containing CBD (including skincare and other gift items); this is a probabilistic audience (15 million households)

Target buyers for specific key events early in the year:

New Year's Partiers
Purchasers of snacks, dips, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, etc. in the week leading up to New Year’s Eve (15.3 million households)
New Year’s Dieters
Purchasers who increase spend on low calorie, zero-calorie, low fat, low sugar or sugar-free foods in the first three months of the year (5.3 million households)
Super Bowl Hosts
Purchasers of snacks, beer, salsa, cheese dip, two-liters of soda, etc. in the weeks surrounding the Super Bowl (8.4 million households)

Find all of these segments on your DMPs under IRI Verified CPG Audiences.

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