IRI Data Cloud

The largest integrated data sets:
IRI Data Cloud 

As a marketer, you are constantly struggling to answer big questions about your brands. Now, you can more easily find the answers using the most comprehensive portfolio of big data sets and insights available anywhere.

Built on our leading technology platform, IRI Liquid Data (ILD), IRI Data Cloud helps marketers plan, target, activate and measure ... one consumer at a time ... by fully linking media consumption to sales. The media, social and purchase data in IRI Data Cloud is completely integrated, helping you drive better media and retail execution, track marketing productivity and ROI, and monitor the effectiveness of your new product launches.

IRI's Data Cloud includes:

Consumer and Shopper TrackMedia Data​

Through our ongoing collaboration with Rentrak and comScore, we track consumer ad exposure on TV and digital and connect it to consumers' propensity to purchase.

Consumer and Shopper TrackSocial Data​

We have access to millions of social listening sources through our exclusive partnership with Oracle Social Cloud, so that manufacturers and retailers can develop and tweak their social campaign targeting, activation and measurement efforts.

Consumer and Shopper TrackConsumer Data​

IRI Data Cloud pulls in data from retailers and then integrates it with our point-of-sale and panel data, as well as frequent shopper data, for faster and more granular insights.

Ask us how IRI Data Cloud, a truly cross-media exposure data set tied to actual shopper purchases, can help you find new growth faster than ever before.


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