Use your vast shopper data to drive greater customer loyalty and higher marketing ROI.

Effective retail media networks provide potent opportunities for better consumer understanding, increased shopper loyalty and more profitable collaborations with suppliers. But it is challenging for retailers to get a holistic view of the shopper, drive increased personalization and understand exactly what aspects of the customer journey deliver results. And with these networks growing, there is more competition for brand dollars, so these platforms must drive ROI for advertisers.

IRI provides the integrated data, advanced analytics, accurate measurement and leading-edge technology that help retailers build more effective retail media networks for them and their suppliers. It's just a few reasons why we're the leading third-party technology provider to the world's top retailers.

Understand shopper behavior to increase customer loyalty

We help you connect the dots across the full consumer journey. This allows you to find opportunities for higher engagement with your customers, including through improved personalization, to deliver better customer experiences in-store and drive increased loyalty.

Improve collaboration and outcomes with suppliers

Our technology solutions include end-to-end platforms for retailer media networks, retailer loyalty gateways and other retailer-specific solutions to help retailers win with their customers and suppliers. We facilitate more profitable retail media networks that provide better value for brands by enabling you to provide better online and in-store consumer insights and closed-loop campaign measurement at scale.

Leverage advanced technology to be more efficient and effective

We help you understand where you can be more efficient and effective so that you can avoid costly mistakes, protect margins and invest where it matters most. Our technology also brings more capabilities for you to drive higher ROI with suppliers, as well as with your stores and banners.

How We're Different




Unlike other solutions, IRI allows for supplier collaboration at every step, from business analysis to the creation of target groups and in-campaign measurement and post campaign tracking. Individual scoping allows suppliers to see what you permission and not what you don’t, providing the scale you need to grow.

IRI’s integrated data sets and holistic view of customer behavior enables retailers to get more value from their first-party data and IRI’s other data sets to achieve a more holistic view of their customers. We use this data to help you understand key customer segments, basket affinity, switching behavior and more.

And the IRI Liquid Data® technology platform, which seamlessly integrates and aligns sales, loyalty, media and other data sets, allows retailers to understand the entire consumer journey, from ad exposure to store visit to purchase.

Let us help you maximize the impact and profitability of your retail media network.

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