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With purchase, consumer, media and other data sets often sitting in separate databases, marketers are unable to get a holistic view of how a CPG brand, its competitors or the overall category is performing. Without a full view of performance, marketers are unable to access accurate information to help plan the most effective campaigns.

IRI Media Advantage™ provides manufacturers and retailers with access to an intuitive, consolidated view of marketing performance metrics. It highlights the advertising, merchandising and competitive trends influencing offline purchases by layering IRI’s best-in-class POS and causal data with multimedia advertising engagement and expenditure data including TV, print, radio, cinema, outdoor, internet display, online video, mobile web, mobile app and social. 

IRI Social Advantage™ offers real-time tracking of consumer conversations across 40 million websites tied to IRI’s robust point-of-sale data. It informs consumer, brand and competitive strategies by surfacing online behavior, preferences and sentiment towards CPG brands through social listening and tying them back to sales, panel results and additional media KPIs.

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Fast and better decision-making
via customizable reports updated weekly  

Accurate and best-in-class
POS, media and social data

Granular views
down to the UPC, channel and creative level

Data agnostic
with media and social data through other providers or client-provided datasets

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