For a true view of your marketing effectiveness, use combined marketing mix and sales lift insights.

Despite all the advances in technology, marketers still have challenges in using marketing measurement across all the different channels they are using for effective decision-making. For more confident planning decisions, marketers need to be able to unify disparate data across their near-term and longer-term activities.

IRI Fusion, our unified marketing measurement solution, does just that. It includes:

  • Lift data that shows you which individual campaign elements should be improved through testing to get the most return on ad spend
  • Multi-touch attribution insights that show you which touchpoints matter most and which sequence of touchpoints will optimize the customer journey
  • Marketing mix data that reveals which combinations of channels, creative and targeting are the most impactful to ROI across all marketing efforts
Forrester Wave 2022

Forrester Research has released its newest "The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions, Q1 2022" report and names IRI as a Leader. The report evaluated IRI and nine other providers across 35 criteria to demonstrate the strengths of each provider and assist marketers in their search for the one that best meets their needs.

IRI Fusion takes inputs from Lift and Mix and combines them into a single model. This consistent measurement across the decision hierarchy includes a continuous feedback loop, combining strategic guidance with optimization guidance as connected models continuously synchronize.

With IRI's unified marketing measurement solution, you get the 360-degree perspective you need to answer marketing questions such as:

  • What's the saturation point of my advertising efforts?
  • What allocation of upper-, mid- and lower-funnel spending maximizes revenue?
  • What's the most efficient allocation of spend to support total sales and share?
  • How much incremental revenue will result from additional ad spend?
  • How do pricing and distribution work together to affect marketing optimization?

Having a unified view of marketing measurement and performance also allows marketers to maximize customer lifetime value, ensure that brand equity remains strong, and more accurately measure performance across all types of media.

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“With IRI we knew we would get great traditional mix models accompanied with the IRI Lift solution, and we liked the idea of having those two solutions under one house.”

Watch the video to see what else the Director of Advanced Analytics for Conagra had to say about IRI's Unified Marketing Measurement.



and granularity with over 93% coverage of total U.S. households

mean a common measurement language, shorter cycle times and error reduction

due to integrated modeling and a 50% shorter measurement turnaround time

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