Understand which touchpoints in the consumer journey led to purchase and where to make changes for optimal results.

With a continually changing advertising ecosystem and the risks of data deprecation due to increased regulations across the globe, advertisers need access to high-quality and extensive first-party purchase and household-level data, powered by deep partnerships, to drive more effective campaign optimization.

IRI Multi-Touch Attribution™ helps you understand which specific touchpoints and paths matter most to create the optimal sequence throughout the customer journey. With it, you can answer questions such as:

  • What are the interaction effects among touchpoints?
  • How can I document the customer journey?
  • How can I drive penetration, trips and sales through improved synergy between touchpoints and campaign messaging?
  • What channels and combinations of channels and tactics work best?

The solution can track online and offline conversions, weighting both touchpoints effectively. It provides additional offline sales data sources to ensure a balanced view and gives you insights on how tactics drive sales at a more granular level by channel, target, creative, ad format/size and more. With IRI Multi-Touch Attribution, you can finally close the gaps between your online and offline data and implement the optimal sequence for your path to purchase.

IRI's robust data, partnerships and ability to drive more effective activation can enable clients to achieve up to 25% greater return on ad spend through campaign optimization.

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Measures across multiple channels,
both digital and TV

Identifies individual and joint impacts
on sales lift

Answers key questions about attribution,
allowing for improved real-time re-directing

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