Improve marketing ROI by understanding your best combination of channels, creative and targeting.

Effective planning and activation need to be a dynamic and ongoing process for marketers. Traditional mix analyses can provide an accurate measure for marketing investments, but the information arrives too late to have an impact.

IRI Marketing Mix™ provides insights on channels and messaging, and the optimal allocation and frequency to enhance your results. It enables you to answer critical marketing questions such as:

  • What's the optimal frequency across all my marketing efforts?
  • What's the overall efficiency of my marketing support across tactics, channels and campaigns?
  • How are different segment groups responding to my marketing efforts?
  • What factors, outside of media spending, have the greatest impact on results?

With IRI Marketing Mix, you can continually track, measure and adjust your initiatives based on ongoing new insights, using an omnichannel view of your online and offline sales including with national and retailer shopper media programs. This always-on approach taps into granular performance metrics, based on store-level models, to give you the latest simulations and optimization scenarios. IRI Marketing Mix Modeling also integrates into IRI's Liquid Data® technology platform with IRI Unify® visualization to provide highly actionable insights on demand.

Clients that use IRI Marketing Mix typically see a 12-15% ROI on their total marketing spend.

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allow high-level strategic budget changes and tactical strategies

from the top level, down to the campaign and shopper level, improves ROI

shows the relationship between media-driven sales versus base- and trade-driven sales

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