Optimize audiences in near real-time for improved campaign performance.

The ability to adjust campaign elements while a campaign is live is critical to improving its performance. Historically, it has been challenging to assess media's offline impact mid-campaign. But the breadth and near real-time offline data available today includes sales data from loyalty cards and the ability to connect exposures with purchases. This enables marketing to incorporate actual conversion data into in-flight audience optimization decisions that can improve sales lift up to 50%.

IRI Campaign Conversion Feed (CCF) delivers 100% deterministic IRI Verified Audiences to an advertiser's programmatic partner, enabling CPG marketers to optimize audiences against known weekly conversion data. IRI is uniquely able to supply offline transaction data from the industry's largest loyalty card data set directly to demand-side platforms (DSPs). Leveraging data from 500 million loyalty cards in 117 million households and exposure data from platforms like The Trade Desk, Amobee and LoopMe, advertisers can optimize against offline sales conversions rather than less correlated awareness metrics (views, click-throughs) starting as early as week two of a campaign.

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Near real-time optimization
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