IRI Lift™

To link media exposure to sales in real time, reach for IRI Lift™

Marketing to your customers is hard. Figuring out whether your digital advertising campaigns actually sent people into the store is even more so. There’s never been a quick and easy way to use data from several different sources to accurately connect online media exposure to offline sales lift. Until now.

IRI Lift™ seamlessly integrates IRI’s vast point-of-sale, frequent shopper, causal and media exposure data to empower marketers to fully understand actual in-store sales lift impact of ad spend in real-time throughout a campaign, rather than after. By fusing loyalty card program data with IRI’s proprietary shopper panel and a host of other data assets at the SKU and shopper level, IRI Lift delivers the industry’s most granular and most accurate multi-channel projection to help drive sales in real time.

As the most accurate campaign measurement tool for offline sales lift, it answers questions like:

  • Did the ad campaign increase purchases?
  • Did the ad campaign bring in new households?
  • Did the households who saw the ad spend more per purchase?

Other benefits of IRI Lift include:

Consumer and Shopper TrackFaster results

as soon as five weeks after a campaign begins

Consumer and Shopper TrackIncreased accuracy

by controlling for causal variables and utilizing a modeled (vs. indexed) approach

Consumer and Shopper TrackMore actionable outcomes

due to the granularity of results (by creative, publisher, segment, etc.)

Consumer and Shopper TrackDeeper insights​

on shopper behavior (purchase size, frequency, etc.)

Consumer and Shopper TrackComplete coverage

with total U.S. and all-outlet coverage

CPG manufacturers, retailers, and their advertising and media agencies can understand exactly how sales were impacted and significantly reduce campaign measurement errors.

Watch the video and learn more here. Then, ask us how you can link your digital advertising spend to sales results and improve both.


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