IRI Trade Planner™

Get superior results from your trade promotion spend

Trade spend is one of your biggest investments, but trying to manage your trade support across multiple brands and accounts can be complicated and time-consuming for any manufacturer. You also need to continually balance corporate goals against brand goals while working within channel and competitive constraints.

IRI Trade Planner helps companies maximize the return on their trade spend investment. It optimizes individual trade events as well as the overall plan for the retailer. With Trade Planner you will understand what happened, what you can learn from it and how you might change promotional strategies in the future. Its two solutions – the Event Planning Calendar and Post Event Analyzer – provide a seamless flow from post-event ROI analysis to flexible trade plan development and simulation. It also answers several questions about the effectiveness of your trade spend including which trade promotions are generating the majority of trade profit and the changes you can make to underperforming promotions.

Companies that use Trade Planner typically see a 2 to 5 percent growth in sales due to improvements from this and other similar revenue management initiatives.

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