IRI Social Advantage™

Connect social media conversations to real-time sales impact.

Every moment of every day, consumers are talking about brands online. With millions of websites offering ways for consumers to immediately express their opinions, any online conversations can spread in mere minutes. This can have a powerful impact – positive or negative – on your brand.

IRI Social Advantage™ monitors consumer conversations from over 40 million sites and then connects it to real-time sales data. This helps you better understand consumer sentiment online and how it’s impacting your sales. Along with complementing the statistical rigor of traditional survey methods, this type of social listening measurement offers numerous opportunities for your brand, from new product launch and public relations analyses to understanding consumer opinions about competitive brands as well as an early read on your paid media campaigns.

Companies that use IRI Social Advantage can more effectively support brand growth, contain public relations mishaps and avoid new product and media campaign launch mistakes that would have otherwise cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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