IRI ShopperSights™

Target high-opportunity households and the stores they shop

Traditional targeting solutions provide limited insights on broad groups of consumers. They may classify entire neighborhoods based on dominant demographics even if there is considerable diversity among the individual households. This leads to activation plans based primarily on where consumers live, resulting in inefficient and wasted marketing dollars.

IRI ShopperSights™ gives CPG manufacturers higher returns on shopper activation and growth efforts by enabling effective media planning and retailer execution at individual household and store levels. Its foundation is a database with 110+ million U.S. households, which is combined IRI Consumer Network™ panel data, our point-of-sale data and sophisticated methodologies to identify the products individual households are likely to purchase, where they are likely to shop, and how much of their wallet they are likely to spend at a given store. Manufacturers can determine high-opportunity households, understand how to reach them, and better prioritize their activation resources.

Companies that use ShopperSights are able to allocate their marketing dollars more effectively and efficiently, and typically see a sizable increase in sales. As just one example, one of our large manufacturer clients was able to partner with a major retailer to develop programs to reach target consumers in high opportunity stores, resulting in an estimated $5.3 million in incremental sales.

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