IRI Shopper Loyalty

Want broader, faster and deeper consumer insights?

Traditional panel-based solutions offer powerful insights into consumer and shopper behavior but can be constrained by sample size limitations, especially with niche or regional brands. This makes it difficult to analyze purchase behavior at the granular level. And, because it takes time to build a significant number of buyers for meaningful analysis, manufacturers must often wait until late in a product launch to conduct critical analyses such as trial and repeat. Then they can’t react quickly enough to adjust and optimize launch plans.

To identify and act on new opportunities, manufacturers need detailed consumer and shopper insights quickly and not just at the brand level. IRI Shopper Loyalty is the answer. It’s powered by frequent shopper data from 30 million loyalty card holders and 80 million transactions a week, supplied by our partner Oracle Datalogix. By nearly eliminating sample size constraints, IRI Shopper Loyalty provides unprecedented depth and speed to insights, and allows manufacturers to analyze data and plan consumer tactics and strategies at the size, flavor, scent or item level.

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