IRI Assortment Optimization

Simplify your assortment process for maximum portfolio and category growth.

With expanding channels and always-shifting consumer trends, manufacturers and retailers face numerous challenges when trying to understand which products should be on-shelf in which stores and what makes those products successful. You need an easy yet robust solution that optimizes on-shelf assortment and provides a consistent framework to identify ways to drive category growth and brand momentum.

IRI Assortment Optimization can simplify your assortment process, maximize your brand portfolio and category sales, and give you more time to focus on customer activation. It leverages a point-of-sale-based modeling platform to build plans that maximize category incrementality, minimize portfolio cannibalization and support effective product innovation launches. Designed to be used be used across the full range of CPG products and channels, it combines expert insights on why consumers buy, along with rigorous modeling and easy-to-use simulation software to result in win-win outcomes at retail.

Companies that use IRI Assortment Optimization generally see 1 to 2 percent sales growth, and dynamic categories can see up to 20 percent growth.

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