Marketing trends and solutions during (and post) COVID-19

IRI has developed a portfolio of rapid-response COVID-19 business solutions to help CPG manufacturers and retailers quickly understand consumers’ shopping and media consumption behaviors, including sales and out-of-stocks. With daily and weekly data, you can more confidently make better-informed near-term decisions while also accurately planning for the next several months.

Effectively Manage Your Business During This Time

Mitigate market-specific out-of-stock risks
and recover 5%+ of lost sales longer-term
Conversely, keep up to 13% of new buyers
through targeted advertising immediately after trial
Decide where to ship much-needed product inventory
and realize incremental revenue for each point of distribution gained
Plan effectively and avoid 10-20% short-term margin loss
and longer-term sales erosion of 5-15%
Identify and reclaim loyal buyers
who are at risk due to forced trial of your competitors’ brands
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"Solutions for Managing Your Business in Turbulent Times"


IRI Solutions for Managing CPG and Retail Challenges During COVID-19

Daily Out-of-Stock Tracking

As the first syndicated service in the U.S. to provide daily out-of-stock views down to the city and county levels, this solution helps you ensure that inventory is on the shelf where it is needed most, mitigating lost sales and competitive threats.

Daily Supply Chain POS Data

Identify opportunities by banner or market to address supply and demand in near real-time with daily monitoring of sales, pricing, and distribution for your products and competitors' products

90-Day Retailer-Specific Supply Chain

Access daily supply chain and sales trend data for Ahold Delhaize, Southeastern Grocers and CVS to identify and address supply chain challenges. A separate and similar trial program is available for Albertsons.

Daily Frequent Shopper Data

Access daily granular shopper-level data to understand COVID-19 impacts on consumer micro-segments and how stay-at-home orders and "high risk" shopping hours impact shifts in shopping behavior.

Weekly Consumer Panel

Monitor weekly changes in trip and purchase dynamics to understand consumers who are purchasing your brand due to the crisis, as well as stockpiling and consumption changes across segments.


Identify changes in consumers' shopping and consumption behaviors that offer long-term opportunities to build category and brand preferences.

Verified Media Audiences

Leverage daily loyalty card data from 500 million loyalty cards across 117 million U.S. households to target existing and new brand buyers and optimize media campaigns based on shifting purchase behavior.

Demand Forecasting

As the pandemic evolves, predict near-term and future local demand spikes and declines with greater accuracy based on daily and localized data inputs.

Consulting/Advisory Services

Integrate all IRI solutions and other data/insights to develop a feasible strategy and actionable recommendations and tactics for both short- and longer-term recessionary environments.

Precision Pricing

Harness IRI’s advanced store-level price and promo modeling to determine granular, retailer-specific impacts and simulate full category results from pricing and promo actions, allowing contingency and scenario planning, along with ongoing monitoring and tracking.

Portfolio Profitability Consulting

Provide end-to-end guidance to strengthen value proposition and select the most profitable opportunities among pricing, pack size, messaging and innovation to grow both top and bottom line while also driving market share.

Segment-Specific Pricing Optimization

Enable more strategic pricing based on securing longer-term shopper loyalty by targeting price and promo opportunities that resonate with most valuable shoppers while decomposing price and promo elasticity across consumer segments.

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