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Innovation is a risky yet unavoidable part of doing business. IRI’s innovation solutions can help you identify what you need to do to have the highest chance of success.

What Our Clients Are Saying


GSK Consumer Healthcare

“IRI is a key business partner for us – key in terms of insights and definitely with respect to innovation, and is one of the vendors we lean on most.” Watch the video to learn what else Pfizer said about IRI.


Clemens Food Group

“(IRI’s work) has really helped us in terms of gaining faster acceptance into retail, bringing consumers and shoppers to the case and performing at our best in market.” Watch the video to see what else Clemens Food Group had to say about IRI’s innovation capabilities.

Consumer and Shopper Track Our time-tested yet transformational approach is based on a combination of shopper behavior, attitude, usage and point-of-sales data.

Manufacturers and retailers can quickly and accurately evaluate and size the power of their innovative ideas early in the process to reduce risk, increase success and avoid expensive failures.

Consumer and Shopper Track We have an industry-leading innovation solutions portfolio.

This includes Hendry, which clearly defines a category based on consumer needs and then hones in on the product attributes that are important. To drive new-product success, these attributes should be visible in the new product.

Consumer and Shopper TrackConcept testing uses shopper behavior to optimize the odds of new-product success.

Prior to launch, concept testing is used to “try out” the new product for feedback from real consumers.

How We’re Different

Our concept-testing capabilities allow you to test multiple new-product concepts within days. We combine data and insights into a fully integrated service that supports the entire new-product innovation process. This includes white-space identification using Hendry, the industry’s most validated approach to create a predictive model of the market, which estimates the impact of updating strategies for your existing brands and identifying potential high-growth innovation opportunities.



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