Consumer trends and analytics to help businesses make real-time decisions

Gain new insights into what consumers do and activate against them at speed.

How does the rapidly changing shopper journey impact your brand and category?

What’s the best way to zero in on your highest value shoppers?

How can you segment and target more precisely?

How can you use big data and analytics to capture a larger share of wallet?

The future of CPG is about bringing a one-to-one shopper-centric marketing and execution strategy to drive growth. Our Consumer and Shopper solutions focus on leveraging our shopper marketing cloud of vast data for deep shopper insights, segment planning, opportunity sizing and activation strategies that empower companies to win the sale and the shopper. Our solutions leverage IRI ProScores®, purchase propensity models that forecast 12-month spend across brands and categories for every household in the U.S., as well as millions of frequent shopper program/loyalty cards for more efficient and effective insights, targeting and activation.

Understand all of the consumer dynamics that are driving your brand and category growth.

  • Integrated solutions and insights based on the largest integrated consumer data sets can be activated and then measured.
  • Leverage the unique consumer insights that come from accessing millions of households’ frequent shopper data.
  • Understand consumers’ “in-the-moment” shopping, consumption and usage behaviors.

Uncover incremental high-potential new “white space” opportunities.

  • Our time-tested yet transformational approach is based on a combination of shopper behavior, attitude, usage and point-of-sales data.
  • We have an industry-leading innovation solutions portfolio.
  • Concept testing uses shopper behavior to optimize the odds of new product success.

Profile shoppers based on purchase behavior and attitudes, including toward specific custom client views, to match to a client’s own proprietary consumer databases.

  • Segmentation solutions profile shoppers based on attitudes toward major trends, including the economy, technology, health care, aging, and nutritional and eating habits, and leverages mobile technology to capture in-the-moment point of purchase and consumption/usage behavior among key consumer segments.
  • Timely segmentations help marketers understand how a particular trend or issue affects their target consumers and shoppers.

Get in front of the right people in the right place at the right time, and reinforce it with our media solutions.

  • Identify the stores that matter most to your shoppers.
  • Leverage an intuitive and flexible shopper platform.

Define the perfect audience for your products using our proprietary IRI ProScores®.

  • Create a target based on previous purchase behavior – what customers actually do, not just the demographic they fit into.
  • Target with context. Know what motivates your shoppers, what they watch and listen to, and where they live.
  • Tap into Frequent Shopper Program (FSP) data for enhanced targeting.

Access the most buyers through a combination of our scan, receipt and loyalty panels.

  • Get faster insights including via survey alerts that highlight changes in purchase behavior and in-app trigger surveys.
  • Templated surveys allow you to move fast and more custom approaches let you go deeper into an issue.
  • Understand how your products are used and how you can compete more effectively, via Attitude & Usage (A&U), tracking, equity and other approaches, and get guidance on your targeting and activation decisions.

See it in Action


IRI Hispanic Insights Advantage™

IRI’s Hispanic Insights Advantage helps marketers track and measure Hispanic consumer performance at a granular level.


IRI Shopper Loyalty

Get deeper, broader and faster consumer insights with IRI Shopper Loyalty, which includes frequent shopper data from 65 million loyalty card households making over 30 million shopping trips per week.


IRI ShopperSights™

Determine which CPG products that households are likely to buy, where they will shop, and how much of their wallet they will spend at a particular store.

How We're Different


Our market-leading consumer and shopper solutions include world-leading experts, our extensive panel and a rich portfolio of capabilities – all designed to help you reach the right consumer at the right place and with the right message.


Our consumer and shopper capabilities are hosted on our IRI Liquid Data® platform, enabling speed to insights.


Our industry-leading partnerships with Kantar Shopcom, Oracle Data Cloud and Experian contribute to our large, integrated and actionable data sets.

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“We are using so many of the IRI team members and their new tools to help us reimagine and reinvent brand building.”


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