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A single and complete cloud solution, tailor-made for CPG and retail

As companies continue to digitize, they are moving massive amounts of data to the cloud. They want to be able to scale their first-party data and also apply their own data science to optimize results. However, doing this in-house often brings challenges, including with data scalability and data fragmentation as they try to support platform investments already made.

The IRI Intelligence Suite™, a cloud-native solution powered by IRI Liquid Data™, enables CPG manufacturers, retailers and media partners to combine their proprietary data and data science capabilities with IRI's expansive assets and build their own applications in an easy-to-use, safe cloud environment. It consolidates insights from previously disparate datasets and empowers your data science teams to develop custom algorithms, build proprietary applications, glean more prescriptive insights and unlock value faster and more efficiently than ever before.

This agile cloud solution consists of a customizable suite of Studios:


Leverages IRI's scaled real-time, purchase-based, UPC-level transaction data alongside proprietary first-party and other data to identify high-value audiences based on both brand engagement and purchase-based activities and activate against them to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It includes IRI's Media Activation and Media Measurement solutions.


Enables CPG manufacturers and retailers to maximize profits by developing optimal pricing strategies using comparative analysis to other products in a given category. It includes IRI's Price Compliance and Price Optimization solutions.


Delivers an understanding of the drivers of future performance across internal and external causal variables, including proprietary data and planned activities, to predict both short- and long-term demand. It includes IRI's Demand Forecasting and Trendspotting solutions.

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