Powerful decisions require powerful intelligence.

Imagine having access to comprehensive data to help you generate insights, plan, target, activate, measure and optimize … one consumer at a time. Now, imagine that data is continually aligned across product, brand, geography, customer, store and time to deliver a real-time, 360-degree view of the consumer and their purchases. Twenty million products, 1,200 attributes, 250,000 stores, 350 million de-identified loyalty cards, more than $2 trillion of tracked spend. It’s all on the IRI Data Cloud.
Remove the complexity of processing and integrating big data.


Securely combine your sensitive and proprietary information assets with syndicated, third-party and publicly available data assets. A flexible deployment model ensures that the platform can be tailored to your specific requirements, including environments hosted by IRI, by a virtual data center, in a public cloud or private cloud environment.

Eliminate multiple complex and dated business intelligence platforms.


Having to support multiple analytics, disjointed analytics tools and processes, and several external data providers results in inefficiency, excessive cost, and a lack of meaningful and actionable insights. Our data integration and advanced algorithms effectively translate data into predictive and prescriptive recommendations for more organized, efficient and targeted decision-making.

Tap into our expertise with multiple private cloud deployments across diverse end markets.


IRI Private Cloud solutions are available for CPG manufacturers, retailers, media agencies and data/research companies. The system comes with dozens of preconfigured reports that contain thousands of pre-architected key industry metrics and data science, which can be highly customized to clients’ specific business needs.

How We’re Different



Our experts have spent almost four decades working with data – collecting it, analyzing it, integrating it. This is why we can seamlessly combine your sensitive and proprietary data with our integrated data sets, as well as third-party and publicly available data. IRI Liquid Data® integrates these large and otherwise disconnected data sets, giving you one place for analysis and insights.


Big Data Integration  

A leading U.S. brewer wanted to develop unique store-level assortment strategies to ensure optimal product placement at 500,000+ locations for the over 600 different SKUs in distribution. Read More

What Our Clients Are Saying  

"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?


95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us

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