Strategic Analytics

Why IRI Strategic Analytics

Passionate: We are passionate about tackling tough challenges and creating breakthrough strategies.

Entrepreneurial: We believe that our success hinges on our consultants’ ability to foster innovation, embrace change and keep pace within a fast-moving environment. In contrast to the rigid hierarchies at many large consultancies, we expect individual consultants to devise the best way to address a particular challenge.

Impactful: We help clients move from issue to solution, with the ultimate goal of making them more valuable. Unlike other consultancies that simply recommend a strategy, we work with clients to transform their organization.

Big Data Analytics: We are focused on laying a strong foundation in analytics and structured thinking to ensure success in any chosen career path.

Professional Development: Our leaders serve as capable mentors who transfer insights and knowledge through a strong apprenticeship program. Our associates help build the practice through recruiting, training, and developing people. We’re committed to helping you build the right skills to meet your career goals. Our workplace is a highly collaborative, supportive environment.

Your Future: Your project experiences, training and support network at IRI will improve your skills and prepare you for a long and successful career in the CPG industry, or ready you to pursue an advanced degree

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95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us.