Strategic Analytics

What We Look For

At IRI Strategic Analytics, we seek accomplished, well-rounded people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Among the key traits we look for in our candidates:

Problem-Solving Abilities: We expect strong intellectual capabilities with a practical sense of how to structure and solve challenging issues.

Analytical Skills: We work extensively with data and models that require analytical acumen. Digging deep into the numbers and handling complex calculations is central to our work.

Resolve Under Pressure: Our teams often must deliver results in tight timeframes. Each member of the team needs energy, a sharp focus and the ability to collaborate efficiently.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: New challenges often require unusual solutions. You should be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks.

Adaptability and a Collaborative Spirit: We work closely with a diverse group of colleagues and clients. This requires strong communication and negotiating skills, especially to resolve conflicting points of view and to build trust within the team.

Leadership Skills: Taking personal initiative and bringing people together in the service of positive change are essential characteristics of leaders at any level.

Intellectual Curiosity: We look for graduates with a thirst for knowledge and ambition to stay attuned to ongoing changes in the marketplace in order to better help our clients.

Above all, we look for people that are able and willing to have fun while delivering outstanding results.

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