Omnichannel Insights Without Compromise.
For better results, you need a more complete view.

To grow your business, you need a deep understanding of consumer and shopper behavior for everywhere people shop. But current methods are incomplete – they don't have data for hard-to-cover channels, force you to try to integrate insights from different suppliers and/or you will lack item detail.

The IRI OmniConsumer™ Receipt Panel provides the broad view you need to understand omnichannel purchasing with best-in-class item classification and alignment to market measurement truth. With a more complete view of buyer behavior, you will have the shopper data and insights you need to better understand your total share of wallet, channel migration, differences in online and offline performance, and e-commerce incrementality.

And, when combined with IRI's OmniConsumer Scan Panel, you also get below-the-brand insights for more complete decision-making.

Only IRI offers ALL of this:

Breadth AND Granularity

IRI Receipt Panel omnichannel insights combined with IRI Scan Panel data with UPC-level views.

Superior and accurate POS data

Data Accuracy

Superior item classification from the largest data set in the industry and instant calibration to POS data.

One platform for all consumer insights

Seamless Integration

One platform for all consumer insights needs with market measurement, market insights and activation built-in.

Insights to activation, at speed

Direct Connection to Activation

Insights convert to media audiences and retail activation plans.

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Our easy-to-use interface answers your most important omnichannel marketing questions:

  • How does buying behavior for my product vary by outlet and fulfillment type?
  • How do online consumers of my product differ from brick-and-mortar consumers?
  • How has switching across omnichannel outlets and brands impacted my product’s sales?
  • How much of my e-commerce growth is incremental?

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