How Online Media Influences Offline CPG Purchase Behavior

Struggling to connect the dots between the ads consumers see online and the purchases they make in the store?

You’re not alone. This occurs because most CPG purchases occur offline and anonymously, and are usually made days or weeks after the ad is seen.

As marketers increase online media spend, they need to know the true impact of their ads on product sales.

Integrated data, including consumers’ actual purchase behavior, combined with predictive analytics and real-time technology, gives companies a much clearer picture of what CPG buyers are doing offline.

Manufacturers and retailers can then identify who is really in the market for a particular product and personalize communications to them – reducing wasted ad dollars and achieving 3-4 times sales lift.

Find out how to bridge the gap between what consumers see online and how it impacts offline shopping behavior so that you can drive improved ROI for your campaigns.