Finally…Get an Omnichannel View of Your Customers

As big data continues to grow, so do the headaches from managing it – whether it’s aligning data from several different sources, struggling with cumbersome spreadsheets or trying to connect the right information to the right users in your company.

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

The IRI Liquid Data® technology platform can seamlessly integrate and align all of your sales, frequent shopper, media and other data sets to quickly find the insights and action steps you need to take for your brand and/or retail store.

The platform comes with hundreds of integrated data sets and can be further enriched with client data in a tailored private cloud environment. Its proprietary in-memory architecture, analytics engine and easy-to-use visualization provide unprecedented speed to insights and a true omnichannel view of the market and your customers.

And, almost 500 of the world’s leading CPG manufacturers and retailers are using it to power their growth.



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