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IRI Leaders To Discuss Emerging CPG Trends at Multiple Upcoming Industry Events in March

2021 Consumer Food Safety Education Virtual Conference

WHO: Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, IRI®

WHAT: Sally Lyons Wyatt will participate in a “Consumer Food Trends and the Path Forward” discussion, where she will share data on consumer food purchasing, home cooking, fresh versus perishable and the breakdown of this amongst household types.

WHY: In the wake of 2020, a year when safety was at the forefront of every industry, understanding how to navigate consumer trends and comfort levels is crucial. Sally Lyons Wyatt will share trends to come as consumers become more mobile throughout 2021.

WHEN: March 11, 2021 at 2-2:30 p.m. CT

WHERE: Register here.


THRIVE Innovation Series Sponsored by SVG Partners

WHO: Carrie Shea, Managing Partner, Growth Consulting, IRI

WHAT: Carrie Shea will participate in “The Future of Food” discussion, where she will highlight key consumer trends regarding consumers’ ever-evolving tastes, and how these trends will impact the future of food and present opportunities for innovation.

WHY: The entire agriculture and food ecosystem is facing a fundamental shift that is reshaping the future of food, and there is increasing pressure for a more integrated and value-added supply chain.

WHEN: March 18, 2021 at 11 a.m. CT

WHERE: Register here.

FMI and NAMI Annual Meat Conference

WHO: Chris DuBois, Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts, IRI
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI

WHAT: DuBois and Levin will present on the topic “Consumer Purchase Behaviors: How Did They Change and What Is Here to Stay?” Using a combination of two consumer datasets along with consumer interviews, they will analyze how consumer trends at the meat case have continued to evolve throughout the pandemic.

WHY: Understanding the changes and cycles of consumer behavior caused by COVID-19 will help retailers remain vigilant and continue to adjust to the “new normal” in order to keep consumers coming back for more.

WHEN: March 25, 2021 at 10-11 a.m. CT

WHERE: Register here.

P2PI Retail Media Forum

WHO:  Mike Ellgass, Executive Vice President, Retail Marketing Solutions, IRI
Abishake Subramanian, Senior Director and Head of Advertising & Partnerships, Sam's Club Media Group

WHAT: During their “What it Takes to Win with Retail Media Networks” session, Ellgass and Subramanian will discuss how more consumers are searching and shopping online, which is driving significant traffic to retailer websites and apps at a time when many chains are building out their digital media capabilities. Several retailers have been developing this model for years, but many other retailers are launching new programs or re-tooling their platforms to compete for a growing flow of ad dollars.

WHY:While some believe retail media networks deliver better results than other digital options, others claim it’s just a money grab by the retailers. Ellgass and Subramanian will assess both viewpoints and share their insiders’ views as head of advertising and member of the technology team, which helped architect its ad products and measurement. 

WHEN: March 31, 2021 at 12:50-1:35 p.m. CT

WHERE: Register here.

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