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IRI Expands Presence at 2019 Cannes Lions; Hosts IRI Cannes Clubhouse

Experts to Share Insights across Multiple Forums on Artificial Intelligence, Gender Equality, Big Data and Marketing, and Media Effectiveness


At “Stereotype Busters: Male Leaders Advancing Change” session, presenters will be:

  • John McIndoe, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, IRI®
  • Shelley Zalis, Chief Executive Officer, The Female Quotient
  • John Partilla, Chief Executive Officer, Screenvision Media
  • Neil Waller, Co-Founder, Whalar
  • David Shing, Digital Prophet, Verizon Media
  • Lance Koenig, Global Strategy Director, The Martin Agency
  • Luis Machorro, CEO, McCann Worldgroup Mexico

At “Measurement for Accountability” session, presenters will be:

  • Jennifer Pelino, Senior Vice President, Omni Channel Media, IRI
  • Mark Tilghman, Senior Director, Member Relations, ANA #SeeHer
  • Nadine Karp McHugh, Senior Vice President, Omni Media Strategy, Investments, Data Driven Marketing and Creative Solutions, L’Oreal

At “Power of Personal: The Magic of Combining Data and Creativity” session, presenters will be:

  • John McIndoe, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, IRI
  • Nishat Mehta, President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
  • Sara Fischer, Media Reporter, Axios
  • Walt Horstman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Media and Advertising, TiVo Corp.
  • Mark Penn, Founder and Managing Partner, The Stagewell Group and Chief Executive Officer, MDC Partners, Inc.
  • Michael Treff, President, Code and Theory

At “Circle of Influence: The Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing” session, presenters will be:

  • Nishat Mehta, President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
  • JP Beauchamp, Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
  • Ryan Detert, Chief Executive Officer, Influential


On June 17, IRI’s John McIndoe will participate on a panel with The Female Quotient’s Shelley Zalis, Screenvision Media’s John Partilla, Whalar's Neil Waller, Verizon Media’s David Shing, The Martin Agency’s Lance Koenig and McCann Worldgroup Mexico’s Luis Machorro to discuss male social expectations in the workplace and how the media can shift stereotypes to help men embrace all sides of themselves, during their session titled, “Stereotype Busters: Male Leaders Advancing Change.”

On June 18, IRI’s Jennifer Pelino will serve on a panel with ANA’s Mark Tilghman and L’Oreal’s Nadine Karp McHugh to discuss the #SeeHer initiative, which provides measurable insights into sales, purchase impact and ROI on ad spend for CPG advertisers with high GEM scores, during their session, “Measurement for Accountability.”

On June 19, IRI’s Nishat Mehta will take the stage with panelists Sara Fischer of Axios, TiVo’s Walt Horstman, The Stagewell Group’s Mark Penn, and Code and Theory’s Michael Treff. IRI’s John McIndoe will give welcome remarks on the panel that will feature an open conversation about the latest industry approaches on the power of bringing data to life by building personal experiences for shoppers and driving results for brands, during their session titled, “Power of Personal: The Magic of Combining Data and Creativity.”

Later that afternoon, IRI’s Nishat Mehta will lead an interactive conversation with IRI’s JP Beauchamp and Influential’s Ryan Detert on the best practices in influencer campaigns and the role AI can play to assess and match influencers to brands to drive results, during their session titled, “Circle of Influence: The Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing.”

IRI is also sponsoring an “IRI Cannes Clubhouse” and is hosting daily events, including rapid-fire briefings on improving advertising and sales performance, and network and nosh socials for CPG brands, agencies, and their media and advertising partners.


The integration of big data and AI is a powerful tool that procures intelligent insights into the latest market trends, consumer influences, sales impact, methods to maximize ROI and more. Through this analytical lens, retailers and manufacturers can create successful campaigns around gender and social initiatives, influencer marketing and creative personal shopping experiences, each with accurate, quantifiable results.


Stereotype Busters: Male Leaders Advancing Change
Monday, June 17, 2019
12:30 - 1:00 p.m. CET

Measurement for Accountability
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
10:30 - 11:00 a.m. CET

Power of Personal: The Magic of Combining Data & Creativity
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. CET

Circle of Influence: The Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
3:00 - 5:00 p.m. CET


IRI Cannes Clubhouse – Hotel Le Gray d’Albion
Jane’s Lounge – 1st Floor
Hotel Le Gray d’Albion
38 Rue des Serbes
06400 Cannes, France
The FQ Lounge – Martinez Hotel
73 Boulevard de la Croisette
06400 Cannes, France

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