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IRI Expands Liquid Data Platform with New Connected Enterprise Edition

New Capability Further Expands IRI’s Leading Technical Innovation Position with Greater Extensibility of Liquid Data

CHICAGO — JUNE 26, 2017 — IRI® today announced the launch of IRI Liquid Data® Connected Enterprise™, which extends the industry-leading IRI Liquid Data platform, used by more than 450 clients today. With IRI Liquid Data Connected Enterprise, IRI clients can connect data from a myriad of data sources — including files, databases, web APIs and RSS feeds — into IRI Liquid Data and leverage the connected data sets in an unprecedented number of applications.

Every aspect of IRI Liquid Data Connected Enterprise, including its connected data sets, data science algorithms, business applications and intuitive visualization, is tailored to meet the specifics needs of clients. The platform provides more than 100 connectors to data sources, including:

  • Files: Converts data from files such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, TXT or XML stored in Dropbox™, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or a secure FTP site, and provides integrated data, insights and analytics.
  • Databases: Connects to databases, such as Oracle™, Microsoft® SQL Server, SAP® HANA, Hadoop®, Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query and dozens of others, in a federated architecture that enables seamless integration of data alongside IRI’s and its partner data ecosystem.
  • Web APIs: Consumes data from a wide range of web sources that capture everything from news data (e.g., CNN, BBC and Financial Times), media and social web APIs (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest) and partner web APIs (e.g., PlaceIQ, comScore, Adobe and others).

IRI Liquid Data Connected Enterprise is a self-service cloud solution that enables non-technical business users to create complex data integrations that run on demand or automatically on recurring schedules, from every minute to every month. All connected data sets can instantly be utilized in the platform’s analytic models, business process applications, visualization or alerting capabilities.

“IRI Liquid Data Connected Enterprise leverages a cutting-edge, federated architecture and IRI’s high-performance, in-memory database to combat the fragmentation of data in enterprises,” said Ash Patel, chief information officer for IRI. “The new connected capabilities enable organizations to combine IRI, partner, third-party and their own first-party data sets into a single fully integrated analytical and business application platform.”

Ultimately, the new connected capabilities empower clients to deliver holistic insights, create sophisticated analytical models and unlock entire new applications that were previously not possible with silos of data across the enterprise and the internet.

For more information about IRI Liquid Data Connected Enterprise, please contact Chris Blackwell, vice president of Client Innovation and Custom Development for IRI, at

About the IRI Partner Ecosystem

IRI fundamentally believes that delivering differentiated growth for clients requires deep, highly integrated partnering with a variety of best-of-breed companies. As such, IRI works closely with a broad range of industry leaders to create innovative joint solutions, services and access to capabilities to help its clients more effectively compete in their various markets and exceed their growth objectives. IRI is committed to its partnership philosophy and continues to actively enhance its ecosystem of partners through alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions and affiliations. The IRI Partner Ecosystem includes such companies as Adobe, The Boston Consulting Group, comScore, Experian, GfK, Gigwalk, GuestMetrics, Ipsos, Kantar Shopcom, Mastercard Advisors, MaxPoint, Millward Brown Digital, Mu Sigma, Oracle, Pinterest, PlaceIQ, Research Now, SPINS, Univision and others.

About IRI

IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help CPG companies, OTC health care organizations, retailers, financial services and media companies grow their businesses. A confluence of major external events — a change in consumer buying habits, big data coming into its own, advanced analytics and personalized consumer activation — is leading to a seismic shift in drivers of success in all industries. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand, cloud-based technology platform, IRI is empowering the personalization revolution, helping to guide its more than 5,000 clients around the world in their quests to remain relentlessly relevant, capture market share, connect with consumers, collaborate with key constituents and deliver market-leading growth. For more information, visit

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