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IRI® Revolutionizes Precision Marketing with Launch of New IRI Personalization Suite on Liquid Data®; Enhanced IRI Audiences and IRI Lift™ Solutions Now Available

IRI Accelerates Innovator Leadership Position in Media

Provides Unprecedented Access to Real-Time Analysis and Optimization to Personalize Consumer Marketing and Then Measure Effectiveness of Advertising Spend on Sales

CHICAGO — JUNE 27, 2018 — IRI®, the global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail, media and over-the-counter health care companies, announced today the launch of the IRI Personalization Suite, a game-changing portfolio of capabilities enabling companies and ad tech participants to personalize their marketing and promotions, as well as definitively measure and optimize the effectiveness of their advertising spend — dramatically increasing return on ad spend (ROAS) and addressing an important unmet need of advertisers, industry participants and agencies today.

The portfolio of applications contained in the IRI Personalization Suite is fueled by the broadest and deepest multichannel retailer data assets at scale. This includes anonymized data from more than 250 million national shopper loyalty cards from multiple leading retailers, such as BevMo!, BJ’s Wholesale Club, The Kroger Co., Rite Aid, Southeastern Grocers, Walgreens Boots Alliance and others, along with IRI’s vast data assets. IRI’s proprietary assets include point-of-sale (POS), panel, credit card and mobile location data assets and real-time analytics, delivered through IRI’s industry-leading Liquid Data® technology platform.

This powerful combination of assets and capabilities — not available through any other solution provider — will provide an unprecedented ability to help companies target, measure and improve advertising effectiveness with greater accuracy and precision, enhance shopper engagement and loyalty, and meaningfully increase sales and market share. In turn, consumers will benefit from better shopping experiences with more relevant marketing communications.

Included in the suite are the next generation of IRI’s leading-edge IRI Audience Builder and IRI Lift™ solutions. The integrated suite will utilize a variety of assets from both IRI and its partners to give marketers unmatched precision in planning, targeting, activating, measuring and optimizing their spend.

Andrew Appel, president and chief executive officer for IRI, said: “The IRI Personalization Suite is the first tool that truly empowers brands to be smarter about how they build meaningful, long-term personalized relationships with consumers by cutting through the clutter of irrelevant advertising, promotions and marketing. The suite leverages our unparalleled granular data assets and retail and media partner ecosystem — as well as our superior technology, which offers critical speed and accuracy — to give marketers the most precise end-to-end platform to better direct, optimize and measure the sales impact on every dollar spent and ultimately significantly improve return on advertising spend.”

The IRI Personalization Suite supports five essential steps in the sales and marketing process:

  • Planning: Use the same vast data to support planning of advertising and promotions for TV, digital, social and omnichannel with unprecedented precise, granular modeling down to the individual exposure, including by publisher, platform and creative type, network, channel, show and time slot.
  • Targeting: Create extremely tailored and precise projected, verified or custom audiences on the fly through the IRI Audience Builder solution, which offers unparalleled access to IRI ProScores® Audiences and IRI Verified Audiences with a direct link to buyers with the highest likelihood to purchase a particular product based on your messages. Also, easily create IRI Custom Audiences on the fly by combining these two audiences with any of more than 20 other data sets from IRI or proprietary data directly uploaded into Audience Builder.
  • Activating: Ensure that marketers reach the audience they are targeting through our direct linkage to publishers, programmatic buying platforms and media buying agencies to seamlessly execute campaigns.
  • Measuring: Use IRI Lift™, the industry’s only on-demand online-to-offline media sales lift measurement solution. IRI Lift provides results in the first weeks of a campaign to incredible depth (e.g., by publisher, creative, frequency or consumer profile). It is also 50 percent to 80 percent more accurate than competing solutions, due to the enhanced data sets and IRI’s sophisticated causal models. This empowers marketers to confidently make on-the-fly changes throughout an ad campaign.
  • Optimizing: Access a wide range of optimization algorithms via IRI Lift for real-time audience redirecting.

Appel continued: “Companies and agencies are seeking reliable, verified audiences and trustworthy ad measurement presented with speed and accuracy, and we are delivering a solution to meet their needs. The IRI Personalization Suite can provide up to approximately 80 percent more accurate measurement results on advertising’s impact on sales lift, and up to 70 percent improvement on overall return on ad spend (ROAS). This launch comes in the wake of the revolution in the way consumers access content, consume media and buy goods, and as marketers are struggling to get consumers’ attention — spending hundreds of billions of dollars on media that is imprecise, often irrelevant to consumers and an inefficient use of scarce dollars. These new capabilities support an important shift from a focus on measuring what ads and promotions are viewed to the impact on actual consumer buying behavior, from a product purchase to an added trip or a bigger basket.”

About the IRI Partner Ecosystem
IRI fundamentally believes that delivering differentiated growth for clients requires deep, highly integrated partnering with a variety of best-of-breed companies. As such, IRI works closely with a broad range of industry leaders to create innovative joint solutions, services and access to capabilities to help its clients more effectively compete in their various markets and exceed their growth objectives. IRI is committed to its partnership philosophy and continues to actively enhance its ecosystem of partners through alliances, joint ventures, acquisitions and affiliations. The IRI Partner Ecosystem includes such companies as Adobe, The Boston Consulting Group, comScore, Experian, GfK, Gigwalk, GuestMetrics, Ipsos, Kantar Shopcom, Mastercard Advisors, MaxPoint, Millward Brown Digital, Mu Sigma, Oracle, Pinterest, PlaceIQ, Research Now, SPINS, Univision and others.

About IRI
IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help CPG companies, OTC health care organizations, retailers and media companies to grow their businesses. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand, cloud-based technology platform, IRI helps to guide its more than 5,000 clients around the world in their quests to remain relentlessly relevant, capture market share, connect with consumers and deliver market-leading growth. A confluence of major external events — a revolution in consumer buying, big data coming into its own, advanced analytics and automated consumer activation — is leading to a seismic shift in drivers of success in all industries. Ensure your business can leverage data at

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