Consumers' Changing Relationship with Meals and Meat

April 22, 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The pandemic showed us just how popular protein still is with U.S. consumers. With so many more meals in the home, the meat department became not just part of the typical trip to the grocery store but the sales, growth and meal-making anchor. Compared to other departments, the meat department was the big winner last year, with dollar sales up 19% and volume up 11% versus year-ago levels. Moreover, meat played a critical role in meal preparation and planning, changing behaviors with ripple effects (and opportunities) across all the aisles.

However, the demands and needs are changing, and perceptions, needs and purchase drivers are changing right along with them. While plant-based meat alternatives are still only 0.6% of total fresh meat sales, around one-third of food retail shoppers say they aim to eat less meat this year, with health concerns being the top driver. And, as restaurants open back up and consumer mobility increases, suppliers and retailers will need to plan for changes yet again in how consumers shop the meat aisle, finding ways to protect the share they've gained while also continuing to drive growth across the entire store.

During this webinar, IRI's Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, Chris DuBois, SVP, Protein Practice, and 210 Analytics' Principal and Founder, Anne-Marie Roerink will discuss:

  • How meat buying and the role meat plays for consumers has changed over the past year and what's expected next
  • How consumers will shop for meat both in-store and online in the weeks and months to come
  • What impact the changes in meat purchases have on the rest of the store
  • The aspects of transparency and sustainability that will remain important to consumers going forward
  • What manufacturers and retailers can do to capitalize on consumers' newfound confidence in the kitchen and use it to expand growth in adjacent categories and across other store aisles

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