Media Q1 2023 Newsletter

Circana Significantly Enhances Its Industry-leading Audience Capabilities

IRI and NPD recently came together to form Circana, uniting our unparalleled expertise, data assets, and strategic retail relationships across 26 industries. This, in turn, is already enabling us to offer marketers expansions to our Circana Audiences capabilities in three key areas:

  1. More Predictive Audience Categories

    In March, Circana ProScores Audiences expanded into the toy and prestige beauty categories. Leveraging a unique mix of receipt data and predictive attributes, this advertising solution covers virtually every consumer in the U.S. and helps advertisers accurately identify those likely to buy specific categories and brands. ProScores deliver up to four times the return on investment of more traditional audiences. These new segments give toy and prestige beauty marketers the ability to increase the scale and accuracy of their audience targeting. Circana has since further enhanced its ProScores Audiences offering by adding more than 900 new audience segments across these general merchandise categories:
    • Foodservice
    • Video games
    • Apparel
    • Consumer technology
    • Mobile phones
    • Footwear
    • Home improvement
    • Housewares and home textiles
    • Major appliances
    • Automotive aftermarket
    • Small home appliances
    Look for even greater expansion in the number of ProScores Audience segments we offer across the general merchandise categories in the months to come.
  2. More Purchase-based Audiences

    Circana also recently bolstered the Circana Verified Audiences we offer to our CPG clients. We build these from 100% deterministically identified households and do so using four times more coverage than any other CPG data provider. We are constantly working to further expand the unsurpassed depth and breadth of these offerings, and we recently did with the addition of loyalty card data from 7-Eleven and Speedway.

    Circana now has 37 major retailer partnerships fueling this data. We recently became the exclusive trusted third-party data partner for Walgreens. This relationship, plus our status as the sole provider of loyalty card data from Kroger and other large partners, gives us exclusive access to more than 210 loyalty cards. Circana’s unrivaled reach enables us to offer deterministic audiences covering 93% of U.S. households.
  3. More Delivery Mechanisms

    We are also increasing marketers’ options for using and accessing Circana Audiences by offering a growing range of delivery mechanisms. This includes the syndication of our Audiences to a growing number of platforms, ad tech, TV, and CRM partners. Our Audiences are now syndicated on more than 20 major data management platforms and demand-side platforms, where they can be found using the search terms Circana, IRI, and NPD. Clients can also build their own 100% deterministic audiences using our Audience Builder solution on Circana’s Liquid Data® platform. Or they can have us build audiences for them to fit their specified criteria.

    And now, Circana is providing an even more flexible option with our new data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution. Circana DaaS enables advertisers to access Circana transaction data, ProScores data, and our purchase attributes within their preferred clean room. We have active clean room integrations with LiveRamp SafeHaven, Snowflake, Epsilon, Choreograph, and InfoSum, with more on the way.

    And We’re Just Getting Started

    Because Circana Audiences deliver up to four times the lift of other audiences, we understand the importance of expanding these offerings to new segments and delivery methods. We are working hard on these ongoing enhancements to help our media clients achieve better return on ad spend across even more industries and geographies.


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IRI and NPD Rebrand as Circana, the Leading Advisor on the Complexity of Consumer Behavior

Following our merger in August 2022, IRI and The NPD Group unveiled a new combined company name and brand identity: Circana.

Circana is the leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior. Through unparalleled technology, advanced analytics, cross-industry data, and deep expertise, Circana provides clarity that helps you take action and unlock business growth.

According to Circana’s President and CEO, Kirk Perry, “Circana is undeniably best positioned to advise the world’s leading brands and retailers across almost every industry on how to identify opportunity, ignite innovation and grow well into the future.”

Read the press release for more details.

Amy Marentic Leads Media Team for Circana

Amy Marentic has joined Circana as president of Global Solutions. Marentic comes to Circana from Google, where she was director of Global Client Agency Services. She succeeds Nishat Mehta, who has decided to depart Circana following six transformational years leading and growing the company’s Media, Product, and Data Science teams.

Read the press release for more details.

Circana Launches Audiences for Toys and Prestige Beauty

Through Circana Audiences, toys and prestige-beauty marketers can access the most accurate purchase-based and predictive audiences to improve campaign effectiveness while delivering broad reach. This predictive capability enables advertisers in these industries to improve the performance of their media campaigns up to four times more than using non-purchase-based audiences.

“With audiences representing the purchase behaviors of all 126 million U.S households, Circana Audiences offer activation at scale across households based on their propensity to purchase,” said Nishat Mehta, president of global products and solutions for Circana. “Advertisers in these categories can improve how they engage with their target prospects by leveraging actual in-store and e-commerce shopping behavior, which helps to cut through the clutter and deliver a better experience for the consumer.”

Read our press release for more details.

Circana Audiences Now Available Through Experian

Circana recently announced an extended partnership with Experian to enable TV network groups, multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), consortiums and more to seamlessly leverage Circana’s purchase-based data for targeting and activation within campaigns for their CPG clients.

For years, Circana's connection to Experian has enabled TV organizations to order measurement and request Circana's Verified, Complete and custom purchase-based audiences on behalf of CPG clients. With this expanded relationship, Circana syndicated Audiences, formerly ProScores, are natively available within Experian, enabling targeting and activation in a flexible self-serve manner. This provides TV organizations with a direct, unrestricted option for implementing Circana's best-in-class data into CPG campaigns to drive performance.

Read the press release to learn how Circana Audiences can help you unlock further connectivity across the TV ecosystem.

Ansa, Powered by Circana, Now Available on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram Platforms

Circana and Meta Platforms, Inc. now provide shopper marketers with a new solution that closes the loop between campaigns running on Meta’s social media platforms and in-store CPG sales occurring at leading U.S. retailers. Marketers on Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms now have access to brand and product-level sales results for their shopper marketing campaigns, addressing a key issue in measuring the effectiveness of shopper marketing investments.

Ansa, powered by Circana, is a SaaS platform designed specifically for shopper marketing. Its proprietary analytics support both SKU-level and retailer-specific campaigns spanning hundreds of manufacturers and leading U.S. retailers. Ansa automatically targets, optimizes and measures campaigns based on store-level sales. Shopper marketers running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will receive Ansa’s automated campaign measurement at the completion of their campaigns.

Read our press release to see how PepsiCo used retailer-specific Meta campaigns to help them increase omnichannel sales.


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