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Q1 2023

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Q4 2022

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Q2 2022

Media Newsletter
Q1 2022

Media Newsletter
Q4 2021

Thought Starters from IRI at ARF's AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2021
Q3 2021

Key Insights from IRI's Virtual Cannes Clubhouse
Q2 2021

Connecting to Today's Shoppers, Self-Service Analytics and Audiences for Midsize CPGs
Q1 2021

Power Campaign Performance with In-flight Optimization
July 2020

Six Learnings from a Decade of Measuring Influencer Campaigns
December 2019

Use Transaction Data to Power Your Over-the-Top TV Advertising Performance
October 2019

Select the Right Measurement Tool for Your Shopper Marketing Programs
September 2019

Six Ways to Measure Your Campaign for Greater Insight and Success
August 2019

Thought Starters from Cannes Lions 2019
July 2019

Circle of Influence: Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing
May 2019

Why Data Scale is the Foundation of Better Marketing Outcomes
March 2019

CPG Brands: Embrace Advanced TV in 2019
December 2018

Performance vs. Proxies and How Conversion Data Fits In
October 2018

How Legacy Audience Targeting Ruins Results
September 2018

To Win the Holiday Season, Blow Up Your Categories!
August 2018

How to Continue Using Third-Party Data for Facebook Targeting
July 2018

Cookies Versus Context: Supplement Programmatic with Contextually Relevant Advertising for Better ROI
June 2018

Can I Be an Influencer When I Grow Up?
May 2018

Balancing Data and Science in Your Audience Targeting
April 2018

Three Audience Targeting Tactics You Didn't Know Were Possible
March 2018

Know When to Use Verified Audiences for Media Targeting
February 2018

Marketers: Unify Your Measurement to Truly Understand Your Results
January 2018

Make Your Offline Sales Attribution Studies More Successful: Five Questions to Ask
December 2017

Digital Owned Media: Advertising's Future?
October 2017

Overcome the Challenges of Digital Media Exposure Tracking
September 2017

Precision Targeting in Linear Television: Another Path to Growth
August 2017

The Push for Personalization: Where to Start
July 2017

Finding The Right Data to Reach Your Target Audience
May 2017