Marketing Experts from Leading CPG, Retail, Platform and Data Companies Discuss the Future of Measurement on Demand

The ability to make campaigns more effective while still in flight is something that marketers have long hoped for, as the usual lag time between when a campaign ends and when its performance is determined severely restricts the ability to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness and improve return on ad spend. Measurement on demand is changing the way marketers can determine ad effectiveness by accessing data quickly and applying the learnings when it’s most effective – during the actual campaign. In this way, marketers can more closely and more accurately monitor ad performance to ultimately produce a more positive outcome for their business. 

During Advertising Week New York 2019, IRI hosted a panel of marketing experts who took a deep dive into the emergence of measurement on demand. The panelists, featuring leading CPG, retail, platform and data professionals, offered their unique perspectives on the value of tapping into this approach to improve ad performance.  


  • Abishake Subramanian, Director, Digital Advertising, Media Sales & Strategy, Sam’s Club
  • Lisa Hill, Brand Manager, Starbucks At Home, Coffee/Personalized Marketing, Nestle Coffee Partners
  • Maciej Szczepaniak, Global Brand Measurement Lead, Google
  • Adam Gitlin, Head of Data, Annalect
  • Vijoy Gopalakrishnan, Principal, Media Center of Excellence, IRI



Video footage courtesy of Advertising Week and used with permission.