Reach Households Most Likely to Buy

Social media remains one of the best and least expensive ways to reach current and prospective customers with your advertising. But wouldn't it be helpful to know in advance which households already buy your category and are likely to in the future?

By tapping into IRI's vast purchase data from thousands of retailers across the country, we can help you determine the current and most likely buyers for what you're selling. You can also see buyers' recency of purchase and who is new or active in the category.

You get these audiences delivered to your preferred social platforms in less than a week so that you can quickly activate your campaign and make the most of your budget – and you don't waste money on people who don't and won't buy.

Click the video below to see how one small business was able to use IRI Audiences to grow its business.

"Not only are they (IRI Audiences data) verified buyers and the purchase data linked to loyalty cards, there was value in being able to measure the sales data from the different retailers and see if any of our efforts were making any difference. (Using IRI Audiences) we saw a measurable impact much sooner and were able to go to our target consumer right away."


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