Top Trends in Fresh: A Year in Review as We Look to the Future

Top Trends in Fresh: A Year in Review as We Look to the Future

What a year it has been for fresh foods! As we prepare for the future, it is essential to look back and understand how trends have shifted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In reality, perishable departments affect all aisles in the store, but until now, it hasn’t been possible to view the store in an integrated fashion with both fixed- and random-weight data properly placed. The pandemic catalyzed IRI’s latest solution, Integrated Fresh, which shows food and beverage sales performance in a new and improved way – unlocking new a-ha’s for the fresh foods industry and beyond.

IRI’s solution uncovers what consumers are seeing when they step into the store and the size and trend of the typical department, which is not separated by code-type or packaging method. This unlocks access to the most granular insights surrounding the “who,” “what” and “where” of fresh foods, and a singular integrated view of the entire food and beverages business to understand consumer and shopper behavior and drive growth across the entire store.

During this webinar, which is part of the FMI and IRI ongoing “Top Trends in Fresh” series, learn how fresh-food trends have evolved throughout the pandemic, what to expect in the months ahead and how to start seeing food and beverage categories in a way that has never been done.

Join IRI for this webinar to discover:

  • How an integrated view of perishable departments provides an unprecedented view of sales performance and fresh foods’ power
  • What is and is not trending during the three phases of the pandemic – stock- up period, early summer reopening and the new normal
  • Specific categories that are pandemic powerhouses and macro trends that are driving the fresh-foods space
  • Why fresh foods are essential to store performance and how each department plays a critical role in the future of solving shopper needs
  • A crystal ball look into the future, as Rick, Sally and Jonna discuss which trends we anticipate for fresh foods during the winter amid COVID-19.


Jonna Parker
Principal, IRI Fresh Center of Excellence

Sally Lyons Wyatt
Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, Client Insights

Rick Stein
Vice President, Fresh Foods


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