The Geographic Pendulum

The Geographic Pendulum

Top Trends in Fresh: Balancing the Geographic Pendulum

Fresh food has been a star of the store for a good part of the last decade. However, growth is slowing. During the past year, fresh sales grew only 1%, which was 3 percentage points less than in 2014. Meanwhile, center-store sales growth has outperformed fresh for the first time in almost a decade.

As part of the 2019 FMI/IRI series “Top Trends in Fresh: Balancing the Pendulum,” we are exploring the different ways in which both fresh and center-store can swing the pendulum back to strong growth by looking differently at the total store market.

Earlier this year, we introduced three key consumer groups that, cumulatively, can mean nearly $5 billion in additional dollars to fresh foods during the next three years. If you missed this information at FMI Midwinter or the IRI Growth Summit, you can access the presentation recording and slides of “Top Trends in Fresh: Balancing the Consumer Pendulum” here.

During this webinar, FMI and IRI will delve into how fresh performance has varied across regions with a focus on what can be learned to deliver growth in 2019 and beyond. What key retailers and categories are doing well? What is the impact of specific channels across the U.S. in fresh? Do consumers’ preferences and fresh attitudes vary by region? Further, where do the fresh opportunity consumers identified earlier this year live and what can be done in specific markets to further deliver on that $5 billion in growth potential?

The Top Trends in Fresh series delivers what CPG/fresh food manufacturers and retailers need to know to leverage the latest trends and insights to drive stronger growth rates across the total store.

Rick Stein, Vice President of Fresh Foods, Food Marketing Institute
Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI



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