Resuming the Sustainability Agenda

Resuming the Sustainability Agenda

Resuming the Sustainability Agenda

During COVID-19, some marketers hypothesized that sustainability marketed products (those with on-package communication that signaled sustainability to the consumer) would end up ceding share to other types of products that would be prioritized during the pandemic. Yet other marketers thought sustainability marketed products would instead hold and even grow share.

While we know shoppers are generally willing to pay more for sustainable products, generational differences can be seen in sustainability definitions, attitudes and purchase behaviors. Brands and retailers must be able to optimize packaging, labeling, websites and messaging to reach sustainably focused audiences most effectively.

This webinar explores these distinctions and shares new research from the 2021 Sustainable Market Share Index™, an annual report published by NYU's Stern Center for Sustainable Business in partnership with IRI. During this session, you'll learn about the market share, growth rate, category performance and price premiums for sustainably marketed products, the geographical and demographic details of the shoppers who are buying them now and how e-commerce is faring with these products. You'll also gain a view of new product innovation, including which IRI New Product Pacesetters leveraged sustainable attributes to drive new product adoption.


Randi Kronthal-Sacco, Senior Scholar, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, New York University Stern School of Business
Larry Levin, Executive Vice President, Market and Shopper Intelligence, IRI


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