Produce in 2021

Produce in 2021

Fresh Foods Spotlight: Produce in 2021 and Beyond

Even as the U.S. has continued to grapple with the various impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, food retail saw unprecedented growth in 2020. Fresh produce, too, had a strong showing, particularly certain staples. But what's next?

Watch this webinar to get a closer look at the pandemic-impacted retail sales of produce and where performance is headed, including the messages to emphasize to consumers as we get further into 2021.

This session is for retailers and suppliers who work in fresh foods and/or fruits and vegetables in other aisles (including frozen and canned), as well as anyone looking to understand the latest fruit and vegetable trends.


Robert Morales, Principal and Team Lead, Produce, IRI
Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI


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