Prepared and Specialty Foods

Prepared and Specialty Foods

Prepared and Specialty Foods

Consumers’ shopping and eating patterns are changing, and they are shopping the perimeter of the store for fresh products like never before. Since there is a huge opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by making the most of their perimeter aisles, IRI, FMI and the FMI Fresh Food Executive Committee have joined forces to unveil the top five trends that will impact the fresh food industry in 2016.

People want fast, fresh and healthy food options at an affordable price, so grocery retailers are providing grab-and-go options that are becoming more varied and sophisticated by the minute. Prepared and specialty foods are now stretching far beyond the deli counter with extensive soup and salad bars, sushi bars, olive bars and more. With almost $11 billion in annual sales, prepared and specialty foods are growing at a whopping 9.7 percent a year and are poised for rapid growth in the future.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which areas of prepared foods are growing the fastest and why they are growing
  • Different methods that retailers are using and how these tactics accelerate sales in different areas
  • How retailers are reinventing perimeter departments using the specialty approach and creating dominant brands
  • Why IRI believes that future growth will continue in this area
  • The value of driving marketing and merchandising efforts to fully leverage this trend and how it impacts businesses

Speakers: Chris DuBois, senior principal, IRI and Rick Stein, vice president of fresh foods, Food Marketing Institute


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